Activision announced the release date and revealed the full content details on Call of Duty: Infinite” DLC 4 including the latest expansion's new trailer. Also, prior to its timed exclusive release on PS4 tomorrow, a new patch is being implemented on both PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

DLC 4 release date

Before hardcore fans can enjoy the next iteration of the “Call of Duty” series later this year, they have yet to play the final map expansion pack for “Call of Duty: infinite warfare.” Titled “Retribution,” the fourth DLC will be initially launched on Sony’s current-gen console on September 12.

As fans already know, the game’s DLC will be PS4 timed exclusive for 30 days before it can reach non-PS4 platforms. So, it is anticipated to be launched on Xbox One and PC on October 12.

Four multiplayer maps

Similar to other map expansion packs released for any COD game, the "Retribution" DLC will let players explore four new multiplayer maps such as Carnage, Heartland, Altitude, and Depot 2.

Carnage resembles a post-apocalyptic race track found along the coasts of California. With its elaborate sightlines, it poses environmental threats. For instance, there’s a fire trap ready for activation to burn their adversaries.

On the other hand, Heartland allows teams to go heads on in a simulation of small town America.

It’s a reimagined map from a classic “Ghosts” map known as Warhawk.

The third map is called Altitude, a place set in a sky high shopping mall found on the edges of the universe. This map brings teams in a chaotic center where victory comes with quick flank routes.

Then, there is Depot 22, a medium-sized three lane map that takes players to battle in the cantina for a close-range combat or fight off enemies while running on walls of a mobile train.

Final Zombies chapter

The “Retribution” DLC for “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” also takes gamers to the final and conclusive Zombies chapter called “The Beast from Beyond.” The enigmatic movie director villain Willard Wyler returns in the chapter’s last installment.

The four protagonists are again trapped by Wyler inside a brand new horror film.

This time, it is set in an isolated and remote ice planet. They begin to realize that more crew members are infected and need to battle hordes of the undead to ultimately escape Wyler’s films.

New Xbox One, PS4 patch

Activision recently implemented a new patch for the Xbox One and PS4 versions in preparation for the release of the final map pack for Infinite Warfare. The latest update is now live for download and aims to quash persistent bugs before the “Retribution” DLC arrives in the game.

Among the notable changes include the addition of Stallion .44, Atlas, G-Rail, and Raijin-EMX to Gun Game. It also decreases the movement speed of the infected as the number of the infected rises.

Players can get their first good look at the four new multiplayer maps from the brand new trailer for the DLC 4 below.

Developed by Infinity Ward, "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare" is available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.