Pokemon Go” is the most popular augmented reality game in the world. The app has been downloaded more than half a billion times since it was released last year. The game is not only played by young players but also by those who belong to older generations. There have been several reports in the past where players that belong to the classification of 'senior citizen' are also playing the game.

Granny can beat your record

In Singapore, another player is becoming an inspiration to the “Pokemon Go” players across the globe. Mdm Tan Nai Keow is an 84-year-old grandmother who started playing the popular augmented reality game in the early part of 2017.

Her grandson gave her an iPhone 7 Plus as a Christmas present. Mdm reveals that she plays the popular augmented reality game from the moment she opens her eyes in the morning and by the time the sun sets or after dinner. She claims to play the game one to two hours daily.

Interestingly, Mdm is a level 34 player with 237 different types of pocket monsters all of them are caught. The 84-year-old player has a total of 370 pocket monsters caught and hatched from eggs. According to her, the game is appealing because of the cute characters. In addition, she does not feel lonely whenever she is playing the game. Her impressive feat is hard to beat and a threat when in the in-game Gyms. Mdm aims to reach level 35 and hopes to catch more creatures.

Positive effect

It appears that the popular augmented reality game has positive effects to its players, especially to those that are part of the older age bracket of the demographics. Aside from giving them something to busy themselves in their idle time, it also removes the feeling of loneliness usually experienced by people of this age category.

Moreover, by walking and tracking the monsters, the players also get ample exercise, which has positive effects on health and total well-being. In a study conducted by Journal of Media Psychology, it is revealed that players of the popular game appear to be more friendly.

Legendary Beasts

Meanwhile, niantic labs has released the three Legendary Beasts in “Pokemon Go.” Raikou, Suicune, and Entei are available in the game starting August 31.

They are region-exclusive monsters on rotation. Players can still catch them until November 30. On August 31, players in North and South America will have the chance to catch Raikou. On the other hand, players in Asia and Australia can catch Suicune while players in Europe and Africa can catch Entei.