A new teaser trailer released by Gun Media and Illfonic confirms the arrival of the much-awaited Part IV Jason Vorhees variation in the game. Players of the asymmetrical horror title, “Friday the 13th: The Game” are now ecstatic with the most recent announcement. Aside from the new variation, the main character is also expected to arrive with new kills and new weapons. It has been recently confirmed that the new variation will also be equipped with a new sadistic weapon that players can use to kill the Counselors.

New weapon

On YouTube, a content creator by the username Slash ‘N Cast uploaded a new video showing the next weapon that will be used in the game.

The team claims to have received an exclusive look at the new killing tool from the director himself, Gun Media’s Wes Keltner.

The other versions of Jason Vorhees are known to use Axes, Machetes, and Spears to kill the Counselors. Interestingly, the Part IV Jason will use a Pig Splitter as his new weapon in the asymmetrical horror title. This lethal weapon will of substantial size come handy when splitting the heads of the Counselors.

Weather System

Along with the new variation coming to the game is the Weather System. In the teaser trailer, fans have noticed that the setting has a stormy weather.

Several weeks ago, Gun Media and Illfonic released the Developer Diary of the horror title, which reveals the developer’s future plans. Interestingly, one scene showed a menu revealing a Weather System. Fans were quick to speculate that this could soon be infused in the game.

The inclusion of rain in the latest teaser trailer confirms the addition of Weather System in “Friday The 13th: The Game.” Fans are already excited to try this new feature.

It will make the game more challenging since it is different to run after Counselors in a slippery and muddy ground. There is a great chance of players slipping while running. In addition, a stormy weather also means a darker environment, which is perfect in giving fans the total horror feel.

New Map

In addition to the Part IV Jason and the new Weather System, the trailer also shows a new map.

It features the popular Jarvis House. According to some fans, the house will play a significant part in the new map given the number of exposure it has it the video. In addition, a cabin can also be seen in the trailer. This means that with the new map and all its new aspects, Counselors will have more new places to explore.

These new additions to “Friday the 13th: The Game” have no release date yet. However, these features are expected to be released to players for free.