Friday the 13th: The Game” is one of the fan-favorite horror games today. The asymmetrical horror title earned another recognition, this time from renowned Guinness World Record. The citation is given to the game for the success it has attained from crowdsourcing. Gun Media and Illfonic are continuously rolling out updates to the game to keep players engaged while at the same time improving the game. Additional contents are expected to be available soon including the highly anticipated Part IV Jason.

Most Crowdfunded Video Game

Recently, Guinness World Records 2018 Gamer’s Edition recognized “Friday The 13th: The Game” as the Most Crowdfunded Video Game based on a movie franchise.

The asymmetrical horror title was able to raise a significant amount for the project through Kickstarter and Backerkit. The most recent recognition the title has achieved was shared on Twitter and was retweeted by the game’s official Twitter account.

The crowdfunding efforts raised an insane amount of $2,060,651. After the crowdsourcing activity, the game developer provided special incentives to encourage backers. This includes an exclusive Jason variation, Counselor Clothing DLC, and other special and exclusive contents.

Upcoming content

Meanwhile, Gun Media and Illfonic recently released a teaser trailer for the asymmetrical horror title.

The trailer confirms the previous speculations about a new variation of Jason Vorhees coming soon. The latest video shows the Part IV variation of the title’s main protagonist as seen on the fourth movie franchise installment. While the trailer does not reveal more details about the new variation, it shows that the upcoming version will be using Machete as one of its deadly weapons.

Aside from this, the trailer noticeably shows the game to have a stormy weather, a feature, which was not previously present in the game. Interestingly, this new Weather System was previously shown in the Developer Diary. The elements of rain and other weather condition will add excitement and thrill to the players. Counselors will have a hard time running away from the iconic slasher with a muddy and slippery ground.

A new map is also expected to be released alongside new Weather System and Part IV Jason variation. In the trailer, the map appears to focus on the Jarvis House. Several fans believe that the house will play a significant part in the new map. In addition, several shots in the trailer show a cabin, which could provide Counselors more places to explore in the upcoming map.

While several additions are expected to be released soon, some fans are still complaining about the bugs still plaguing “Friday The 13th: The Game.” Most likely, several bug fixes and balance changes are coming with the next game update.