Gun Media and Illfonic have some good news for fans of "Friday the 13th: The Game." Recently, a new trailer is released for the asymmetrical horror title. It confirms previous speculations that a new Jason is going to be released in the game. On top of that, fans will also get a new map to explore. These two features were previously among the heavily speculated picks among players. It appears that Gun Media and Illfonic are on their toes on updating the asymmetrical horror title with interesting contents and features.

New trailer

Gun Media uploaded on their official YouTube account the latest teaser trailer for "Friday the 13th: The Game." The trailer centers on Part IV Jason and a new map based on the iconic movie.

Aside from the two new additions to the game, several players noticed the stormy weather shown in the trailer. In one of my previous articles, I reported about the new Weather System that was seen by one of the players in the Developer Diary released by Gun Media and Illfonic several days ago.

It seems that the Weather System will soon be released along with the contents shown in the video. The newly revamped website of the asymmetrical title has been teasing about a new Jason and a brand new map coming to the game. Now, if you visit the site, it is now updated with a confirmation of a brand new expansion.

Part IV Jason

In the trailer, fans can see what the Part IV Jason looks like. This new variation of the iconic killer will be released in the game along with unique stats and new skills that will set him apart from other variations.

So far, Gun Media and Illfonic have not yet revealed any details about the upcoming variation. But based on the trailer, players can expect that Part IV Jason will use the machete as one of its weapons.

Jarvis House

The latest teaser trailer, aside from showing the new Jason also several locations of the upcoming map based on the fourth movie of the iconic franchise.

The new map is confirmed to contain the Jarvis House. Most likely, the house will play a significant part in the upcoming map. Aside from the house, there is also a cabin where the Counselors hang out.

Things are getting more exciting as "Friday the 13th: The Game" is bound to get interesting new contents. With the addition of the Weather System in the game running around slippery and muddy will be more challenging. You can check out the latest teaser trailer that confirms the two new additions to the game below.