Behaviour Interactive is tasking a team of Community Moderators with cracking down on hackers and cheaters in “Dead by Daylight.” The game developer recently released a rundown of activities and behaviors that can get players banned. Reported issues like cheating and abusive play will now be penalized in the game.

The horror title has been plagued by several issues including the use of bots and hacking for the longest time. With the new measure, players can expect a fair gaming experience for everyone. In addition, the game developer has a range of offenses that will either result in temporary or permanent bans.

Permanent bans

According to Behaviour Interactive, “Dead by Daylight,” players will be banned permanently if they are caught tampering with the progress of achievements, unlocking new skins, or increasing their Blood Points in the game. In addition, using a bot that enables the player to spawn as the killer and launch a relentless attack will get a player permanently banned. Players using third party software and other programs in the game that are not on the developer’s whitelist will also lose access to their account permanently.

Temporarily restricted

Along with permanent bans, the developer will also temporarily ban players for misdemeanors observed in the game. This includes players harassing other players, which could result in a 24-hour ban.

In addition, griefing survivors will garner the same punishment. Players caught exploiting glitches and broken features within the game will also be temporarily banned

Duration and other details

For players that are issued temporary bans, they will be subject to a 24-hour ban and will not be allowed to access their account. A second ban will last for 48 hours, and those penalized for the third time will have their accounts suspended for a week.

Following a third ban, the player’s account will be permanently banned. While players can appeal a Permanent Ban, the temporary ban is a different story. Once a temporary ban has been implemented on a particular account, it cannot be altered. Players will have to wait for the ban to expire to access their accounts.

The new set of rules is currently focused on the PC version of the game. In other words, console players at the moment will still encounter matches with toxic players and cheaters. “Dead by Daylight” is playable on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.