Nintendo's team-based third-person shooter video game that was released back in July has just received an interesting new update. According to Gamespot, the version 1.3.0 update contains several tweaks and bug fixes and features some improvements to Salmon Run and other weapons. In fact, many players have noticed some Salmon Run issues such as opponents not experiencing any damage from the Sting Ray weapon. This has been fixed, and Nintendo has also addressed the issue in which bombs that are thrown by Steelhead enemies land on top of Scrappers or Flyfish.

This and other changes have arrived in "Splatoon 2" through the version 1.3.0 update that was released on September 8.

Nintendo adjusts weapons through new update

"Splatoon 2" players will notice that update 1.3.0 also brings about a slew of changes for weapons, including the Inkjet. Now, players can take advantage of the Inkjet's larger hit box so that it's easier to shoot down. As for the Sting Ray, it can now base fire for 0.5 seconds longer than before. Players can now fire this weapon for 1.5 seconds to create a shockwave around an ink blast to increase the damage radius. For the Tri-Slosher, Nintendo decided to change the maximum damage from 62.0 down to 52.0 and decrease the firing range by about 9% as well.

Nintendo also made some adjustments to Splashdown, as the studio decreased the amount of time the player remains at the peak height of the jump by 10/60 of a second. However, they've also increased the peak height of the jump by about 31 percent and increased minimum damage from 40.0 to 55.0. Note that the points required for players to utilize the Splashdown special for select main weapons have also been decreased.

Studio adds a new weapon

A new free DLC weapon has arrived to "Splatoon 2" as well, the Custom Splattershot Jr. Another report from Gamespot indicates that the new free DLC weapon is actually a returning shooter from the game's predecessor. Players can purchase the weapon through the Ammo Knights weapon shop using in-game currency.

The weapon is a modified version of the last game's gun, with the same stats but with a different sub-weapon and special. In fact, the Custom Splattershot Jr. is now armed with the Autobombs as its sub-weapon instead of the Splat Bombs. It also has the Ink Storm as a special weapon, which makes a cloud rain ink all over the battlefield when fired. "Splatoon 2" is now playable on the Nintendo Switch.