There is no certainty as to whether there will be a fifth installment to "The Sims." Ideally, EA has released sequels but the poor start of “The Sims 4” has apparently delayed all plans for "The Sims 5".

Hence, life-simulation gamers are left to wait-and-see how game developers can improve on the fourth installment. Patches and add-ons have been released, new content that has so far impressed the fortunes of the game.

At the rate that these add-ons are coming out for “The Sims 4”, expectations for the next installment have started to grow. Most (if not all) are expected to be present on "The Sims 5" – meaning the bar is being raised with each new content released.

Bar raised for the fifth installment

Aside from that, the imagination of gamers has come to play and appending the wish list of features that players want to see. That would include a mix of better creation tools and more game characters like pets. For those who may have missed it, EA and Maxis will be releasing the Cats and Dogs expansion pack this November, Eurogamer reported.

Other wanted features

Aside from the immediate addition of pets, there are other facets of the game EA and Maxis may want to consider. That would include better transport in the form of cars and advanced ways of mapping out neighborhoods.

With regards to transport, game developers could offer an advanced tool where vehicles could be redesigned to a player’s liking.

Similar to how auto buffs love to soup up their actual cars, most would love to have a free hand and make their ride stand out.

The freedom to create neighborhoods should be neat as well for folks who have a certain map in mind. That could translate to bigger or smaller lots, areas which can be populated depending on the designer.

Likely to be factored in are the things one would love to see in a neighborhood like maybe some parks, supermarkets or even a club. All these would, of course, be constrained, depending on the allotted space developers deem fit for the game.

Children and Seasons

Toddlers have become a demand once more. They were present in “The Sims 3” but were curiously taken out when "The Sims 4" debuted.

Should "The Sims 5" come out, EA may want to include them to adapt to how babies are born in real life truly.

Finally, a life-simulation game is nothing if actual celebrations like Christmas or Halloween are not followed. Rather than offering them individually, game developers could automate it based on a cycle to make the game complete. These are only some of the wishes gamers are yearning for even if there is no timetable on when "The Sims 5" will happen.