Bethesda has a Secret game that is going to be released soon. The new information came from one of the top executives of the company. Aside from the much-awaited release of “Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus”, “The Evil Within 2,” “Dishonored: Death of the Outsider,” and “Quake Champions,” it appears that the game publisher is cooking something that the prying public is not aware of.

Fans are anticipating that the publisher would soon release the sixth installment of the Elder Scrolls franchise. There were previous speculations of “Fallout 4Game of The Year edition releasing on Nintendo Switch.

However, no one has anticipated this unannounced title that is revealed recently.

Just rambling

In his most recent tweet on his official Twitter account, Pete Hines, Bethesda’s Vice President of Marketing and PR takes back his previous statement. When asked about his most recent interview with Tek Syndicate about one unannounced title releasing this year, the executive is now singing a different tune. According to his reply, he was probably just rambling because of the concussion he had from the beating.

Secret game

In a recent interview with the PAX West, Pete Hines revealed to Tek Syndicate the surprising news.

Hines mentioned a game that is not yet announced, which is scheduled for release in 2017. The vice president also noted that a lot of stuff is going on in the studio. When asked if this new unannounced game is the heavily speculated new Intellectual Property from the team’s internal studio, the executive remained mum.

With only four months before the year ends, it seems that if there is really an upcoming title it will not be as massive as what fans are expecting.

Aside from this, the studio has several titles scheduled to launch in 2017. A release of another notable title would just saturate the company’s line-up.

With Hines’ statement on his Twitter account, it is possible that the vice president has just slipped and did not really intend to reveal the information, and now he is taking it back.

It is also possible that there is really a game and the company would just like the fans to be hyped about it. Fans can only speculate at this point.

Recently, fans have uncovered on Target website a “Game of Thrones” game from Bethesda. The game was listed on the retailer’s website. However, Target disproved the game’s existence and claimed that the project is not real. For those who would like to see the footage of Hines interview with Tek Syndicate, you can check out the video below.