A few days ago, Gun Media and Illfonic released a teaser trailer confirming the arrival of the much-awaited Part IV Jason in “Friday the 13th: The Game.” In addition, it was also confirmed that the iconic killer will be equipped with a new weapon. A new map that will feature Jarvis House is also confirmed coming to the game alongside the new Weather System. The new information claims that the upcoming variation of the game’s main character will also have its own chase music.

New chase music

It appears that Gun Media and Illfonic are adding special chase music to the upcoming Part IV Jason variation.

Aside from the upcoming variation, Part IX Jason will also receive its own chase music. The information was shared by the co-creator of “Friday the 13th: The Game” Robby Hobbs.

In an interaction with a fan on Twitter, Hobbs revealed that both iterations of the iconic killer will get special cue music every time they run after the Counselors. While there is already a confirmation of the additional effects, the co-creator failed to disclose the date these effects will be added.


Aside from the new chase music, content creator Slash ‘N Cast revealed in a video a few days ago the new weapon that will be released alongside Part IV Jason.

The information was supplied to them by the creator himself, Wes Keltner. The killer will be equipped with the Pig Splitter. The weapon is a long-handled butcher knife. This new deadly weapon will come handy when severing the heads of the Counselors.

Map and Weather System

Aside from the new weapon and the new chase music, a brand new map will also be enjoyed by players.

The map features the Jarvis House. Fans are speculating that the house will play a significant part in the new map. There is also a cabin shown in the teaser trailer, which indicates an expansive area that Counselors and Jason can explore.

The trailer also shows the new Weather System that will soon be infused in the asymmetrical horror title.

This was first seen by some fans in the Developer Diary released by Gun Media and Illfonic several weeks ago. Fans noticed that the latest teaser trailer has a stormy weather giving them the impression that the Weather System is already implemented in the game.

The addition of this feature will make “Friday the 13th: The Game” more exciting and challenging. Running after Counselors in a slippery and ground is not only fun but also tricky.

You can check out the latest teaser trailer that features Part IV Jason and the Jarvis House.