"Destiny 2" has been on a roll as of late with millions of daily concurrent players since it officially came out. However, a number of players have raised some concerns about bugs that have been discovered within the game. The developer - Bungie has also acknowledged the issue.

Most of the player base is pretty much aware of the inventory glitch that has been going on within "Destiny 2." Players who have completed the EDZ quest were expecting to see the Mida Mini Tool being awarded to them. However, they were quite irked to discover that the item was not showing up in their stash.

Some even received a different weapon (most of them are side arms), and this has been a growing concern among fans.

Gone missing

Bungie has addressed the issue on Twitter stating that the missing MIDA glitch is currently being worked on. Nonetheless, the game maker did not mention a definite date as to when the issue will be resolved. In line with this, other players also complained about the same issue, though they are for the legendary fusion rifle dubbed the Man O' War.

In the meantime, the developer suggested a temporary workaround to fix the ongoing problem. They stated that the issue could be prevented by leaving several slots open on their energy weapon inventory. Despite the issues that surfaced after its release, "Destiny 2" continues to rake in players especially now that the game's first ever raid is almost upon them.

MIDA Mini Tool fixed; enter Guided Games

UPDATE: Bungie has rolled out a hotfix ( for the game including the MIDA Mini Tool. Per the new fix, players who were not able to get the item can now check with Devrim Kay within the game to acquire the item. The patch also ushered in the Guided Games as part of the developer's goal to unlock end game stuff to its player base.

Still at the Inverted Spire

Meanwhile, some fans might have noticed the difficulty with this week's Nightfall Strike was a bit too much. Bungie has just announced that the Prism modifier within the strike has gone haywire stating that "the currently featured element is not persisting on screen as is intended." The game maker also found out that an even more serious issue with next week's strike at the Exodus Crash (modifier: Momentum).

As a result, the developer decided to reinstate the Prism for next week to avoid more problems.

Got some alt-right elements

Bungie announced that they are about to remove the Road Complex AA1 gauntlets as they had some striking resemblance to an alt-right symbol. The developer even took to Twitter to have it made known and stated that it was not intentional. Check out a video about the game here: