The SNES Classic is the newest thing fans are hunting for this month. With the release date around the corner, fans aren't sure whether they'll be able to purchase one this fall. Scalpers (people who buy a lot of items and resell it back to people at a higher price) are already putting their pre-orders on eBay for people to purchase. However, the CEO of Nintendo Of America, Reggie Fils-Aimé made a statement regarding the future of the SNES Classic and gave a warning. According to an Interview by Financial Times Reggie stated they would be "Dramatically increasing" the production of the SNES Mini.

"People shouldn't have to pay extra for a product we put out, I urge people not to spend any higher than the standard MSRP of 79.99$ USD."

Why is Nintendo having problems supplying the demand?

This isn't the first time Nintendo had issues keeping up with the demand of consumers. Some would say they're doing it on purpose to create hype for the console. People believe Nintendo might be underestimating the demand for their products after the Wii U issue. Not only that but they have issues getting the supplies. The supplies they usually use are either shared by another company or they don't have enough made to keep up with the demand. This causes stress within the company and the manufacturers who make the products needed as they don't have enough income coming in to keep up.

Some consumers may understand Nintendo's concern but the company has to keep up with the demand. They took a gamble on the NES Classic and they had to shut down production because of stock issues. This should not happen again and Nintendo has to learn from this. It seems they may have learned as Reggie made a statement saying "not to worry" about the production of the SNES Classic.

Nintendo understands what the issue is and that issue seems to be their underestimation of production because of past sales numbers.

Is it worth buying a SNES Classic?

Just like the Nintendo Switch, this could be worth it if you are able to find one and enjoy the games being released for it. Some people would love to buy these but ultimately have no reason to because they have one already or don't need one.

The choice is up to you. This console does have a good assortment of games to enjoy and relive. The main factor for everyone is going to be if they can find one or not. Some people aren't going to buy it because of the way they handled the NES Classic. Will you be buying one?