Just recently, Nintendo announced some new expansion packs for “Fire Emblem Warriors” in Japan. Aside from an additional character, the expansions also include a wedding dress for Lucina. Now, Nintendo has shared the release window and price for each DLC in North America. There are also several new updates for the game, including new playable heroes.

Expand your adventure

According to Twinfinite, Nintendo has revealed when the “Fire Emblem Warriors” DLC will arrive in the West. You can choose to buy the season pass for $19.99 which will include all three coming expansions.

Take note that only the season pass will include the Lucina wedding dress, so you’ll have to buy it if you want her costume.

Meanwhile, each individual DLC pack will cost $8.99 each and is based on different games in the franchise. The first pack titled “Fates” is coming this December 2017. Meanwhile, the “Shadow Dragon” pack is slated to release this February 2018. The last piece of DLC is called “Awakening” and will release next year in March 2018.

While Nintendo hasn’t gone into too much detail about the DLC, each pack will include new playable characters and more weapons. That said, these new characters will probably only come from “Shadow Dragon,” “Awakening,” and “Fates.” The developers have yet to mention if they’ll be releasing more DLC in the future.

However, with so many characters in the series, there’s a good chance that they will.

Other updates

DLC aside, there are also a few new characters in the game. Celica from “Shadows of Valencia” was recently announced as a playable character who wields a sword and light magic. Furthermore, Caeda and Tiki from “Shadow Dragon” will also be playable in the crossover game.

Caeda rides into battle as a Pegasus Knight while Tiki seems to retain some of her dragon powers.

“FE: W” is the first Musou spinoff in the series that brings together iconic heroes from the franchise. These characters join forces with the two new heroes, Rowan and Lianna, to save the kingdom of Aytois. While there isn’t any tactical turn-based combat, the title will use core mechanics from the franchise.

Features like permadeath, support conversations, and a leveling system will all be included in the game. Moreover, there’s also a new feature called “History Mode” which retells the story of each “FE” game within “Fates.” This is a perfect mode for those who are want to learn more about the series’ lore. “Fire Emblem Warriors” is slated to release this Oct. 20 for the Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS.