It appears that The Sims 4 will feature improved Cats And Dogs compared to its past iterations in predecessor titles of the franchise. The development team at Maxis revealed that the upcoming Expansion Pack will offer simmers better clothing options for their beloved pets.

Players will still be able to dress up their cats or dogs in cool outfits and fashionable hats or get them some lovely collars just like previous Pets DLC. However, they can now choose up to five unique clothing presets for their pets in the incoming “Cats and Dogs” expansion pack.

Wider clothing options

This piece of exciting info surfaced on Twitter when a fan asked the Sims team if the new pack will offer an option for “change outfits to everyday wear 1/2/3/4/5” similar to regular Sims. To which SimGuruDaniel replied, “yup.”

However, when he was further asked if cats and dogs will get the same every day, formal, sleep, party, and swim outfits like Sims do, SimGuruDaniel said that the categories are a bit different for pets.

According to the fan site Sims Community, game enthusiast got an exclusive look at the clothing category. The tipster revealed that players will be able to get their cats and dogs the appropriate clothes for outdoors or simply when going out of the house for a stroll.

New screenshots for cats

Meanwhile, SimGuruSarah dropped a couple of new screenshots of the cats she created on her Twitter account. The first photo shows a Himalayan breed that she named “Pumpkin.” She also shared that his name is inspired by her favorite juice, Pumpkin Smash.

In the second image, she teased an exciting appearance of her other cat creation, who is Pumpkin’s future wife, Razzmatazz.

Her followers commented that both are so adorable, they can't wait to see them in the upcoming expansion pack.

Cats and Dogs consoles version

Late last week, trusted Polish retailer website Sklep Gram prematurely revealed the plausible release of Cats and Dogs for November 16.

However, it seemed it would reach the base game on consoles in the US on the 17th.

The game retailer immediately took down the leaked listing, which led fans to believe that it could be legit. The release date, however, is questionable and it might just be a placeholder date for the pre-order.

In response to this leak, SimGuruDuke revealed that the team "will get to work" on this expansion when the PC version is done. If this is anything to go by, Cats and Dogs will be launched eventually on "The Sims 4" consoles at some point, but not in as soon as hoped.