Despite releasing last year, it doesn't seem like Square Enix is finished with "Final Fantasy XV.'"According to Siliconera, they recently mentioned that they would continue developing the game until next year. In spite of this, they haven't revealed their future plans after Episode Ignis. That said, Square Enix has a lot of options when it comes to adding new content to the game. Here are some things the developers should Add as “Final Fantasy XV” DLC.

More character episodes

Episode Ignis is the last planned character episode which will release later this year.

While the developers haven’t shared many details about the coming content, it will feature Ravus Nox Fleuret. In line with this, there are still several key characters in the game who deserve their own spotlight, so it only fits that Square Enix should create more character episodes. Heroes like Luna and Gentiana desperately need more attention because of their lack of involvement in the story.

Similarly, many fans also want to learn more about the villain, Ardyn Izunia. Despite being the main antagonist, Square Enix has left several hints within the game suggesting that he motives aren’t actually as bad as they seem. Whatever the case, game director Hajime Tabata should focus on the other characters in the future.

Free story updates

Unlike the paid character DLC, Square Enix has released several patches that include free story content. A few months back, they patched in Chapter 13.2 which made Gladio a playable character. Everyone should have the opportunity to see how the main story expands, hence why Square Enix probably shouldn’t charge people for it.

DLC like Episode Gladio and Prompto have stories that don’t exactly tie in with the overarching story. Hopefully, they’ll expand on more chapters shortly, allowing players to unlock more scenes, quests, and activities.

More Expansions coming shortly

The “Final Fantasy XV” multiplayer expansion is arriving next month and allows players embark on their own quest with friends.

This opens up an entirely new opportunity for fans to join the game and experience the fantasy as themselves. You can create your avatar and equip tons of different magic and equipment. Going by this, Square Enix should create similar expansions in the near future. Those who want to play the multiplayer mode can download it separately next month on Oct. 31. Stay tuned.