On September 26, current players can download a new update called "Warzone" for "EVE: Valkyrie." It is free for active pilots and will remove the need for a VR headset so that anyone can enjoy the multiplayer space shooter.

What is new?

In an interview with PCGamesN, CCP lead game designer Andrew Willans explained that their main priority for "Warzone" is to add gameplay variety to how the ships control. "We had too many ships in the game, and there weren't enough real differences between them," explained Willans, so they decided to focus on adding personality to each space fighter to try and make them a lot more memorable.

This is being done by an emphasis on the roles of ships rather than their visual appearance, so the number of in-game planes available might decrease, but the ones that remain benefit from actually serving a purpose.

Inspired by popular hero based shooters, Willans added: “We were very influenced by first-person shooters and a lot of team-based shooters, so we were looking at how we make those personalities more distinctive."

If there is one thing that "Overwatch" knocked out of the park is ensuring its cast has an overabundance of personality. Even players who never touched the game probably can name drop a few of the characters, even if it's only Tracer.


Who does not love a good upgrade system?

Well, "EVE: Valkyrie" will soon have you covered. "Warzone" adds a progression system which sees players gain experience with each kill. These points are in turn used to invest in the player's ship, as they craft and install modifications.

There are 12 modifications, but this is not a case of trying to max out all of the ship's stats.

Instead, the focus should be on improving the areas that you already excel in, to provide an advantage during battle.

New maps

Two new maps will be introduced to "EVE: Valkyrie" with the release of "Warzone." Entitled 'Fleet' and 'Outpost,' their description suggests that they offer a pretty unique environment to explore.

'Fleet' takes place near a busy space station, one which includes a great degree of traffic.

The latter, and more interesting sounding, is described as a haunted house but in space. Dark and moody, it should offer something completely different from the rest of the game's content.

A new game mode called 'Extraction' also will be introduced this September 26, which combines combat and navigational gameplay.