The latest updates for "Final Fantasy XV" will feature Square Enix not launching Prompto's VR gameplay and more details on "Monster of the Deep" DLC.

Prompto's VR story canceled

It was during E3 2016 that Square Enix announced that "Final Fantasy XV" will have virtual reality gameplay and released a trailer featuring Prompto as the main character. Unfortunately, the sequel's lead designer Wan Hanzmer announced that the latter's VR DLC will no longer be in development.

Hanzmer made the announcement during a closed media briefing at the PlayStation Experience 2017 South East Asia in Kuala Lumpur last Saturday and stated that the Prompto VR is just a glorified demo.

While gaming fans are disappointed that Square Enix will not make Prompto's VR story, they will still experience the VR gameplay in "Final Fantasy XV" in the form of a fishing adventure, "Monster of the Deep."

In addition, gaming fans have already experienced playing as Prompto in his own DLC episode as they explore his past in the Niflheim facility leading to a reunion with his creator. Its gameplay will include stealth, snowmobiles and a team-up with Aranea Highwind.

More details for 'Monster of the Deep'

Square Enix announced that "Monster of the Deep" VR DLC will feature a quest system that will allow players to earn cash, and use it to purchase better fishing equipment.

The Japanese game publisher also revealed the controls for the "FFXV" fishing game.The player's left hand will hold a sonar where the fish is located.

The right hand is used to cast their rod as they can press and release the trigger, and perform an over-arm throwing motion.

The left hand will control the reel on the rod, winding back when the player is successful in catching a fish. The developers will add auto reel function in the fishing VR. Gamers can use the fish they caught to cook new meals and improve each character's stats in battle.

Square Enix will launch "Monster of the Deep" in September for the PlayStation VR.

For now, the publisher will be working on more developments for "Final Fantasy XV" as they still have another DLC episode starring Ignis and the possibility of more DLC stories focusing on other characters such as Ardyn Izunia, Cor Leonis, Iris Amcita, and Lunafreya Nox Fleuret.

There are also rumors of a PC version for the sequel as Square Enix stated that it will take a year to process the much-needed specifications in order for the game to work properly on the platform.

The sequel is available on the PS4 and Xbox One consoles.