Resident Evil 7” is one of the most successful entries in the franchise since the series decided to return back to its horror roots. After its successful launch earlier this year, many players have been pleased by how shocking and thrilling the game is. With that being said, Capcom decided to further expand the lore in the game by adding DLC (downloadable content). So far, we’ve gotten a good amount of scary stories like “Bedroom,” “Nightmare,” “21,” and “Sisters.” However, fans are still waiting for the previously promised “Not A Hero” DLC that focuses on the series protagonist, Chris Redfield.

The developers have shared new info about the upcoming content, as well as a new version of the overall game.

Gold Edition

According to Gematsu, Capcom has officially announced “Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition” for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. This version will launch first in Japan on December 24 for 4,990 yen or around $45 US dollars. This Japanese release includes both the “Ages 18+” and standard versions, along with a PlayStation 4-only physical edition which costs 5,398 yen or around $50.

The Gold Edition contains the complete game along with all the DLC – both “Banned Gootage” and a brand new “End of Zoe” add-on. The latter content follows Zoe Baker after the events of the main game and will launch for 1,500 yen($15).

Similarly, the highly-anticipated “Not a Hero” DLC will launch free alongside it on December 14 in Japan. There’s still no word if this version will arrive in the West, but there’s a good chance it will as “Resident Evil 5” had also gotten the same treatment. Moreover, the "Not A Hero" DLC is already confirmed to have hit the West.

Since "Resident Evil 7" released worldwide in January this year, there's a good chance it might get localized on the same month or so. Capcom should reveal details about the game and DLC at a later date.

Shinji Mikami returning for the next game?

In other news, “Resident Evil” creator Shinji Mikami has stated that he is open to working with Capcom in creating the next game in the series.

While he previously worked for the company, Mikami now works at Tango Games. He’s worked on several titles in the franchise and left shortly after making the fourth game. While nothing is confirmed, it’s good to know that one of the creators is open to working on the franchise again – especially as the series seems to be going back to its roots.

Now, the game developer is busy working on his own franchise, “The Evil Within.” The first game was released back in 2014 and follows police detective Sebastian Castellanos, his partner Joseph Oda, and Junior Detective Juli Kidman. “The Evil Within 2” will be launching later this year on October 13.