The Bioware boss revealed that Dragon Age 4” is not confirmed and that the new “Dragon Age” Title in development is not a direct sequel to “Inquisition.”

In response to a fan’s query on Twitter, creative director Mike Laidlaw clearly stated that while the next DA title is in the works, it does not necessarily mean it's “Dragon Age 4.” The project won’t be a fourth main entry in the series, which implies that the story won’t pick up from the final events of the last installment.

Spin-off in the works

These latest words from Laidlaw led game pundits to predict that it will be a spin-off title set within the same universe.

The studio was said to have shown a keen interest in exploring a new arc based on the main story of its big franchises like "Mass Effect" and "Dragon Age." However, it remains unknown how far the spin-off will deviate from the series plot at this time. The last game already introduced players to a new region called Thedas and they got to play a brand new protagonist.

Multiplayer-focused project

Apparently, there were already some rumors within the gaming community that Bioware was looking into a multiplayer-focused project for the franchise even before the third game was launched in 2014. If this is anything to go by, the studio could have already thought of developing a game that has a different genre.

In August, the creative director also revealed the company’s plan to make not just one new "DA" game but two titles, or even more. In addition, the team already mapped out an idea of the possible narrative for future games.

Party Control getting different direction

In more news, fans are also wondering if there is any chance that more advanced tactics featured in “Origins” will be coming back in the upcoming projects.

Executive producer Mark Darrah commented that the studio will possibly change the way companions are controlled in future entries of the critically-acclaimed fantasy series.

Darrah said that the development team could take the “party control in a different direction.” Unfortunately, he didn’t delve into the details in terms of how this change will play out in the new title.

Since "Dragon Age 4" is not confirmed, everyone should just refer to the project as the new "Dragon Age" title until Bioware makes the announcement of its official title with a reveal trailer. Seemingly, the new game is still in the early stages, so fans can expect it to happen next year, perhaps at E3 2018.