Due to the massive success of the “Batman: Arkham Knight” from game developer Rocksteady Studios, many of the die-hard DC fans want to see another one happening. An alleged leak that came out early this year hinted “Batman: Arkham Insurgency” is already in development.

The “Batman: Arkham Knight” sold more than five million copies around the world when it launched in 2015. This enormous sales record would have called for a follow-up. Apparently, there are no telltale signs that another installment is coming to fruition.

Leak a hoax

E3 2017 happened, and no new Batman title was announced, then came Gamescom 2017 last month and still, fans did not receive any good news.

Now, it appears that the next title is just a myth and the said leak from the tipster who claimed to be an ex WB employee was a complete hoax.

If the latest statement from Voice Actor Kevin Conroy is any indication, it could be the case. Conroy was on a panel at the Wizard Comic Con 2017 in Nashville. During the Q&A, he was quizzed about a possibility of another Batman game being in the works after the release of “Arkham Knight.”

The bad news

Sadly enough, Conroy brought some bad news fans might not want to hear. He stated that he cannot believe it himself that Rocksteady Studios and WB are no longer making another one, which he jokingly added, “isn’t that amazing?” But the real thing is there are no plans, and he sounded serious in his answer.

Check out the video clip of the interview with Conroy at the Wizard Comic Con below.

The piece of information from the voice actor seemed to agree with what Rocksteady Studios’ stated earlier that “Batman: Arkham Knight” would be the final entry in the franchise. The team wanted to explore other IPs away from the world of DC’s Dark Knight.

According to Conroy, despite making billions of dollars on the three Batman games, the game developer is not up to creating a new title in the series. Then, he said "sorry.”

Arkham Origins sequel plausible

The words from the longtime voice actor may have disappointed fans who hope for another Arkham title, but they should not give up just yet.

New speculations are suggesting that WB Games Montreal is secretly working on Arkham Origins sequel, which cast different voice actors from the ones at Rocksteady titles.

Game analysts believe Warner Bros. won’t simply kill off the company’s fat cash cow just like that. So, fans can still look forward to a plausible Batman game coming at some point, but not necessarily as “Batman: Arkham Insurgency.”