November 19th, 1998 still remains a memorable day for gamers all around the world as this was when the first title of the "Half-Life" franchise was published. That game set off Valve's fame to come over the following years winning over 50 PC game of the year awards and launching a new era for FPS games.

The Main Character of the game is Gordon Freeman, who with his amazing skills and legendary crowbar, manages to escape from the underground lab facility where an experiment goes wrong. The gaming world loved that concept, so after the original's success, the company decided to release three expansion packs.

Half-Life: Decay was one of them and it originally featured some things gamers didn't get to see upon the game's final release.

Half-Life: Decay's unreleased scene

Even though the game had 12 main missions while still in development, the final distribution featured on nine of them. In one of the scenes that were cut from the final release, Gordon Freeman can be clearly seen getting shot and dumped in a hole to die.

Some fans believe that the scene was cut because Half-Life 2 couldn't feature Freeman as the main protagonist if he died in the previous title. Others believe that his armor was tough enough to protect him from the bullet and therefore survive. Maybe one of the reasons the scene wasn't in the final release is that Valve hasn't decided yet whether to make a sequel or not.

Guess they decided to do it and the world's reaction was incredible. Everyone wishes Valve would publish a sequel.

Gordon Freeman can be found dead in another game

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl is an FPS survival horror game that takes place in an alternate universe where Chernobyl had a second nuclear explosion happen.

There is a point on the map where the player can go and if he looks hard enough he will find the dead body of what appears to be Gordon Freeman.

Even though someone could say that the dead person is just someone who looks like Freeman he would be wrong. The reason for this is the PDA which can be found on his body, which tells his story and how he came to live in the Zone(the area surrounding Chernobyl in the game).

His entries talk about a place called Black Mesa, which is featured in the Half-Life games. Though the way he died remains unknown. This was supposed to be a hidden Easter Egg so most fans believe that since the game wasn't developed by Valve something like this couldn't possibly be true.

Keep in mind that none of these two scenes have been officially recognized from Valve. They are just things the community has brought to light. Sadly, the possibility of seeing Half-Life 3 is getting smaller by time as there have been over 10 years from the release of Half-Life 2 and no matter how good the game would be it couldn't, in any case, live up to the community's hype.

The fans would love the idea of Half-Life 3 becoming a reality and, because Valve doesn't seem so eager to do so, are constantly hating on the old and new games Valve is going to release in the near future.