Destiny 2” is now enjoyed by players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The second game installment has a lot of things to offer to gamers. This includes missions that change maps on each rotation that can keep players glued to the game. The main campaign can consume between eight and 10 hours of play. When the player finishes the main campaign, they could have reached a particular Power Level, in this case around level 200. After the main campaign, the player will have to explore the endgame content of the shared-world shooter.

Leveling up fast

Since the end-game is the echelon of any title, there will be various kinds of challenges and difficulties that the player will face.

In order to participate in the raids and missions ahead, the player needs to increase their power level to 270 or higher. The best way to increase your Power Level fast is to obtain the best gears in the game. This includes Legendary weapons, Exotic weapons, and armor items. However, there is another way of acquiring more elite items in "Destiny 2," you can check out several of our tips and tricks.


When you get a hold of an exotic gear or a legendary item, examine it. You can do so by going to your inventory. When you are there, press the Y/Triangle. You will then see if the piece you have is equipped with mods. If it has a mod, you should know the boost it gives to the armor’s overall rating.

Mods are available to players upon reaching Power Level 280. They are available from Gunsmith Banshee-44. These mods are very useful as they enable the player to increase the level of armor by five whenever the player wants. These can be infused on the player’s weapons or armors. Mods can also reward various kinds of buffs to the player’s character in the game.

This the fastest way to ascend in the ranks up to the top of the Power Levels and reach the 300 level cap.

It is important to note that any gear equipped with a Legendary Mod becomes five points higher than its standard power level. For instance, a piece of equipment has 255 power points, by equipping it with a Legendary Mod it becomes 260.

You can infuse a higher level item into that gear and get an additional five power points.

This, however, does not work the other way around. In doing so, instead of getting extra power points for the equipment, the player loses the bonus. For instance, the player has a 260 weapon equipped with a Legendary Mod. When later it infuses a 250 weapon, the result will be a weapon with 245 power points.

Mods play a significant role to players looking into increasing its power level at a faster pace. Meanwhile, “Destiny 2” will be available to PC players starting October 24, 2017.