Final Fantasy XV” director Hajime Tabata claimed that his open-world action role-playing video game has now sold over 6.5 million units. However, the company won't stop developing its video game.

Square Enix will launch the online multiplayer expansion, called Comrades, to “Final Fantasy XV” on October 31, according to The video game company even released a video trailer of the multiplayer expansion, which transpires following the 13th chapter of the game’s main campaign.

FFXV players to customize their own character

The new multiplayer expansion of “Final Fantasy XV” allows gamers to customize their own characters and go against three other players.

FFXV gamers equipped with royal sigils will be given special powers by the Lucian bloodline. These players will then shape up a balanced team to take part in the challenges.

If a “Final Fantasy XV” player has survived from Kingsglaive, it would be the player’s mission to find out more about the disappearance of the game’s main protagonist, Noctis. The Kingsglaive survivor will be able to participate in a single-player mission to improve their character and can take on a number of multiplayer quests.

However, if a “Final Fantasy XV” gamer did not complete the main game’s Chapter 13, that player must refrain from the online multiplayer expansion. The game’s new mode will also come along with a variety of costumes as well as a robust character creator.

Meanwhile, the video game company shared a new trailer video for its fighting game with action RPG elements, “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT,” during the PlayStation Press Conference 2017 in Japan. US Gamer made it known that FFXV’s main protagonist, Noctis, will join Dissidia’s roster as a new playable character.

PlayStation 4 version

Square Enix originally launched Dissidia as a PSP exclusive, but this latest update will roll out the fighting game to PlayStation 4. The game will come along with a number of heroes, summons in the game’s roster of fighters as well as villains. The game’s Battles are set as 3 against 3. The battle interface of the fighting game is easy to understand.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT” players will be able to compete in Kazushige Nojima’s (co-creator of “Kingdom Hearts”) single player battle. The fighting game is already available for arcades in Japan. However, the game’s PlayStation 4 version will roll out in North America and Europe on January 30, 2018.