"Fate/Grand Order" is a turn-based mobile RPG inspired by Type-Moon's hit visual novel "Fate/Stay Night." Players assume the responsibility of becoming a Master to summon heroic familiars known as Servants that assist them in battles. In the past few weeks, the Moon Festival campaign was held, where players had a chance in rolling out the 5-Star Archer Servant Orion, some 4-Star and 3-Star Assassin and Rider Servants, and several high-leveled Craft Essences through Saint Quartz summons.

This time, with the Moon Festival drawn to its conclusion, Fate/Grand Order US introduces another campaign for all the players.

The 1 Million Download Campaign

As a celebration of reaching a million app downloads, both on iOS and Android platforms, the 1M Download Campaign was announced through their home page. This campaign consists of several events - the 1/2 AP Costs for Chaldea Gate daily quests event, the Pickup Summon event, and the prize distribution event.

I will discuss each event in different parts starting with the reduced AP requirement for doing daily quests in Chaldea Gate, the pickup summons after that, and the prize distribution in the last section.

1/2 AP Costs for Chaldea Gate daily quests!

First in line for the 1M Download Campaign is the 1/2 AP Cost for Daily Quests. For seven days, all the AP costs for completing the Daily Quests in the Chaldea Gate are reduced to half the amount.

For example, one quest usually costs 40 AP. In this campaign, that quest will only cost 20 AP. This is a great opportunity for players to level up faster without having to wait for a long time for their AP gauge to refill.

The following information states which quests have reduced AP costs and their respective duration:

  • "Duel with Three Knights," "Duel with the Four Cavalries," and "Monster Hunting" Quests
    • Duration: September 7 (starts at 12 a.m. EST) to September 14 (ends 11:59 p.m. EST).

Pickup Summon - have a go at getting your favorite servant!

Similar to the previous campaigns, the highlight of the 1M Download Campaign is its increased chance rates on Pickup Summons.

For the first time in F/GO US history, the 5-Star Berserker Servant "Sakata Kintoki" will be available for summoning. This campaign's pickup summon will also feature other 5-Star Servants aside Kintoki, and that servant will change daily for a certain amount of time. Some 4-Star Assassin and Rider Servants will also be included.

Many players have resisted the urge to roll the pickup summons from the previous campaigns so they can save as much Saint Quartz as possible to prepare for future campaigns. Some would just ignore the current campaign in anticipation for another one where their favorite servant might be featured.

The following information below states which 5-Star Servants will have increased chance rates alongside Sakata Kintoki:

Sakata Kintoki

  • Rank: 5 Stars
  • Class: Berserker
  • Max Attack: 12712
  • Max Health Points: 12150
  • Noble Phantasm: Golden Spark
  • Campain Period: 7th of Sep (07:00) to 14th of Sep (03:59) in UTC

Altria Pendragon

  • Rank: 5 Stars
  • Class: Saber
  • Max Attack: 11221
  • Max Health Points: 15150
  • Noble Phantasm: Excalibur
  • Campain Period: 8th of Sep (00:00) to (23:59) in UTC


  • Rank: 5 Stars
  • Class: Saber
  • Max Attack: 12343
  • Max Health Points: 13907
  • Noble Phantasm: Photon Ray
  • Campain Period: 9th of Sep (00:00) to (23:59) in UTC

Jeanne d'Arc

  • Rank: 5 Stars
  • Class: Ruler
  • Max Attack: 9593
  • Max Health Points: 16500
  • Noble Phantasm: Luminosite Eternelle
  • Campain Period: 10th of Sep (00:00) to (23:59) in UTC

Vlad III

  • Rank: 5 Stars
  • Class: Berserker
  • Max Attack: 11499
  • Max Health Points: 13770
  • Noble Phantasm: Kazikli Bey
  • Campain Period: 11th of Sep (00:00) to (23:59) in UTC

Zhuge Liang (El Melloi II)

  • Rank: 5 Stars
  • Class: Caster
  • Max Attack: 10598
  • Max Health Points: 14259
  • Noble Phantasm: Unreturning Formation
  • Campain Period: 12th of Sep (00:00) to (23:59) in UTC

Prizes distribution - get ready to be showered with freebies

This event started as a Facebook post, where players must like and share the said post on their respective timelines.

If the community can reach 10,000 likes and 2,000 shares, then the prize distribution will be included in the campaign. This was easy for the players to reach in just a span of a few hours.

As a result, players receive a total of 18 Saint Quartz (used in summoning servants or craft essences), four Summon Tickets, and three Golden Fruits (used to recovering a player's full AP) for reaching 10,000 likes. They will also receive 130 mana prisms (can be exchanged for items) for reaching 2,000 shares. These prizes are to be distributed daily starting from September 7 (12 a.m. EST) until September 21 (11:59 p.m. EST).

What are you waiting for? Get ready to receive these freebies and have fun with the campaign! 'Til next time!