Popular Game Developer Bungie and publisher Activision has recently revealed the notes for the latest patch for their latest video game, “Destiny 2.” This latest patch was numbered 1.0.3, and it added new content for the video game that was expected by the fans. They have also deployed several fixes for different bugs that were plaguing the game before the latest patch was implemented.

With the addition of the Faction Rallies into the video game, players will now be able to try out certain features. This will also earn them new content that will benefit them.

Faction Rallies added

One of the notable additions to the popular third-person shooting video game is the Faction Rallies feature. This was a feature that a lot of fans were anticipating since its early reveal. It allowed them to pledge their loyalties to one of the three factions in the game.

There are currently three factions: New Monarchy, Dead Orbit, and the Future War Cult. The faction that they have pledged loyalty to will get Reputation tokens. This will allow them to unlock new items, weapons, gear, and many more.

Destiny 2” players can get more Reputation tokens by destroying enemy resources in Lost Sectors. They can also get more by completing public events, strikes, the Leviathan raid, and the Crucible matches.

The faction that has the most rank ups will be able to sell new weapons to their members with a discount.

New fixes on UI, Activities, Clans, and more

Aside from the addition of the new feature, the new patch also fixed several issues that the video game was plagued with. One of the issues fixed was the UI that bugged the Hunter’s health bar.

It would show the HUD at all times when a specific amount of health was achieved.

Patch 1.0.3 fixed one issue that caused problems in the raid. This problem rewarded resurrection tokens to players joining encounters, even though it was an accident. The progression block issue of killing the first Minotaur quickly was also fixed.

There was also an issue of the clans not getting any experience in completing public events. Another issue prevented other players from getting their weekly clan engrams. Both issues were fixed with this new patch.

New adjustments to the Crucible

The patch made some new adjustments to the Crucible as well. The milestone Call to Arms was improved by reducing the amount needed to complete it. The game developers wanted it to align with other weekly milestones.

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