It is no secret that “PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds” (“PUBG”) has taken the Battle Royale formula and mixed it with great FPS action. The game has recently boasted a great sales milestone given that it is still on Steam Early Access. Its popularity is quite obvious and it seems that it will stay that way for the time being. However, Bluehole Studio recently criticized Epic Games’ fort-builder survivalist game “Fortnite,” when its developer announced a new Battle Royale mode for its title. It appears that the South Korean game studio was not pleased with how the competition marketed their new game mode.

The Battle Royale formula and ‘Fortnite’

Bluehole Studio vice president, Chang Han Kim, took the time to explain why it was very vocal against “Fortnite” and its new game mode. When the “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” developer made their statements regarding Epic Games’ shooter, gamers reacted negatively towards them. According to a lot of players, it felt like the “PUBG” developer claimed ownership over the Battle Royale gameplay. Kim clarified that their comments were in no way intended to sound like they want to monopolize the genre. He added that their grievance was not “about the Battle Royale mode itself,” then noted that they “never raised an issue” about the game mode.

Some clarification needed

Bluehole Studio further elaborated that their concern was centered on “Epic Games” and not the featured gameplay in question. They cited that their professional relationship with Unreal Engine developer was affected by its recently announced update. Chang Han Kim pointed out the substantial amount of royalties their company has paid based on “PUBG’s” success.

He felt that the other developer could have approached them to talk about their plans. The growing popularity of their last-man-standing shooter affords them the label of the “biggest indie success story.” Furthermore, Kim felt that Epic Games made use of the data they gathered from the regular Unreal Engine support sessions to integrate and improve their own title.

Moving forward

Fortnite” and “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” are their own games with their respective fans. Chang Han Kim from Bluehole Studio wants to work closely with Epic Games in the future. He reiterated that the entire problem pertains to the Unreal Engine developer and their royalties. There was a misunderstanding that allegedly happened when “PUBG’s” name was used to promote the new Battle Royale mode. Gamers might think that “we’re officially involved in the project,” according to Kim. Epic Games has not yet released any official statement regarding the issue.