The “final fantasy” series has been evolving throughout the years with each developer trying something new. In the case of the 15th game, Square Enix sought to create an open world game, but it gained mixed responses from both fans and critics alike. While it’s still a bit too early thinking about the next installment in the “Final Fantasy” series, Hajime Tabata has shared his views for what they want the game to feel like.

‘Breath of the Wild’ meets ‘Final Fantasy’

Breath of the Wild” is the latest entry in the Zelda series released on the Wii U and Nintendo Switch earlier this year.

The game became a huge success with many fans praising its polished world and compelling narrative. It seems like Square Enix has taken an interest in the game themselves and are looking into incorporating the same elements in their fantasy series. In line with this, game developer Hajime Tabata recently sat down for an interview with GameSpot where he hinted that the next “FF” series will still keep the open-world elements. However, he wants to invoke the same emotions players felt when playing “Breath of the Wild.”

Tabata praised Nintendo’s title, calling it “very polished” and “almost perfect.” Because of this, their goal is to take that experience and use their own technology to create a similar experience.

They want to create an immersive and “really beautiful” world with strong visual elements. Only time will tell what Square Enix will manage to make, but there’s no denying that they can make games with stunning graphics.

Expanding the game

That aside, Square Enix’s current plan is to expand “FFXV” and bring it to various platforms.

Right now, you can only play the game on the PS4 and Xbox One. However, they’ve recently announced that a PC version will be arriving early next year with enhanced graphics and GeForce technology. Later this year, they plan to release a mobile version of the game with completely new graphics, but the same story. Instead of realistic models, the game’s world has become chibi instead.

Moreover, combat has been streamlined for mobile devices, making it easier for the casual audience to enjoy.

There were also rumors about a Nintendo Switch version, but Tabata confirmed that they aren’t making one for the said console. In spite of this, they’re looking into the hardware to see what they can come up with. For now, fans will have to wait if Square Enix will ever make a Nintendo Switch version of the game.