"Destiny 2" has been out for the past month now and Bungie is making sure to add weekly events and missions to keep things interesting for veteran players. Last week Bungie introduced Factions. These three Factions, Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, and New Monarchy faced off to see who was the best Faction. Dead Orbit was the popular victor this time around, but the war is far from over-- this week the Iron Banner event will begin on October 10. Some of you may be new to the Iron Banner and may be wondering "What is it? And what gear can we earn?"

How to unlock the event?

To participate in this event, you need to complete the story mode first and unlock the tower.

After you finish the story you can talk to lord Saladin and unlock the event. This event will be in its own Crucible playlist and you can go in solo or team up with your friends or clan mates. The event will start on October 10 at 5 AM EST and will go on throughout the week until the next reset on October 17. The prestige mode for the Leviathan Raid will also be unlocked October 10.

What is new in the event?

This time around, when you play the event it will be four vs. four rather than the five vs. five modes in the original. In your usual Crucible matches, you can see that the gear you bring in from PVE is the same light level as it would be in the story. Now Bungie is taking power level out of the equation when you compete in the event.

They want this to be a "skill" based experience. According to Gamespot, Bungie told them, "In this event, you will have to rely on your skill and fighting abilities, your power level will not decide the outcome." This might make some of the guns available have a basic power level to some extent and players might need to "outgun" other players but we will have to see how it is this Tuesday.

When players get in this event, they won't have the usual challenges or bounties players might be used to. Instead, they will get a certain amount of tokens if they win or lose. If they win they will earn more tokens than if they lost. Players can use these tokens to earn exclusive gear for this event. Each character gets a set of exclusive gear that has the same scheme with a noticeable difference.

We don't know the effects of each piece of gear yet.

Will we get more events similar to this?

"Destiny 2" is still in the "season 1" phase of its life cycle, Bungie might have more events similar to this in the future for exclusive rewards. They want to keep players engaged even after they finish the story content so they will keep adding content until they finish their schedule for each season.