Game director Hajime Tabata revealed a lot of details about the upcoming PC version of “Final Fantasy XV during a recent interview. But the most exciting revelation he made is that the PC version surpasses the features available on the console version, and yet they are still in the process of adding more features, including an online component for multiplayer expansion.

Speaking to gaming website at PAX West 2017, Tabata shared how the game evolved from simply being a spin-off into becoming a core entry into the “Final Fantasy” series.

In fact, the PC version of the game has more features available than the console versions.

Already beyond console version

Asked about the latest development of the PC version of “FFXV," Tabata revealed that “the platform is already beyond what we did for the console version. Even our in-house engineering with the Luminous Engine has moved up a step in development.”

The game director boasted that they are already at the next level of the development of “Final Fantasy XV” Windows Edition. And yet, according to Tabata, his team is continuously working on incorporating improvements and new technology in the game. One example he mentioned is the physics simulations that make the environment look more natural and realistic.

Tabata also acknowledged the players’ input in terms of the development of the game’s story. He recalled that when “FFXV” was released back in November of last year, many players criticized the console version’s lack of certain aspects of the story. The game director admitted that listening to gamers’ expectations and suggestions became part of game development.

PC version features

Tabata boasted that they have already made great strides in the development of the game's PC version. This includes running the game at a native 4K-resolution and 60 frames per second (fps). In addition, they plan to release an editor which will allow players to create quests and mini-missions.

However, Tabata pointed out that they haven’t decided yet whether “FFXV” can reach the level of an open world.

One thing he promised is that they are continuously making improvements to the game, which will contribute greatly to the overall user experience. While he did not reveal if this will happen on the PC version of “FFXV," Tabata promised that he will make sure that this will happen in their next project.

The PC version of “Final Fantasy XV” still does not have a definite release date yet. However, the game is expected to be released sometime in Q1 of 2018.