Destiny 2” will have the Agent of the Nine Xur again soon, and he will have new loot for sale. Players will have to choose between some good and mediocre stuff from his inventory.

Favorite peddler is now back for more

The old and weird peddler from the original “Destiny” will be coming to its sequel this weekend with tons of stuff to sell. Xur will sell some Exotic items and expect him to be found in some part of the game.

This time around, Xur will not be hanging around in just one location compared to the first game. He will be travelling around the world and that means players will have to look for him in the game.

This weekend, he is expected to be found on Nessus, which is nearby the Watcher’s Grave.

The first location is easy to find on the map, too. Players can find him the easy way, which is by looking directly on the map because he has his own marker. After finding him, they can purchase all the items they want and hopefully they are at an Exotic rank.

Exotic items that can be purchased

Players can get the chance to purchase these items and they hopefully do so at Exotic rank. One of these items is the Fusion Rifle called Merciless, and it can be bought for 29 Legendary Shards only. Another item to be purchased is the Hunter Chest Armor called the Raiden Flux, which can be bought for 23 Legendary Shards.

The Doom Fang Pauldron is a Titan Gauntlet that can be bought for 23 Legendary Shards. Last is a Warlock Chest Armor called the Wings of Sacred Dawn that Xur is selling for only 23 Legendary Shards.

Items that stand out

Some of the items that can be bought from Xur in “Destiny 2” are actually available early on. The only notable weapon that stands out is the Merciless Fusion Rifle.

Purchase it right away if players find the peddler immediately.

'Destiny 2' has biggest console game launch week this year

In other “Destiny 2”-related news, game developer Bungie and publisher Activision revealed that it has gotten the biggest Console Game launch week this year. They are also proud to say that it overshadowed the original version of the game in terms of people playing the game and in digital sales.

Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg said that this game has broken pre-order records for its franchise alone. It has also gotten the best record in terms of day-one purchase on the PlayStation Store. Bungie CEO Pete Parsons also revealed that the game has more than one million players eight days in a row.

Check out the "Destiny 2" Official Launch Trailer here: