Stardock released a new massive update in “Galactic Civilizations Iii,” which is called the Update v2.5. The update also included some changes in the Crusade expansion. The v2.5 update improves almost everything in the game including its main engine. Fans, therefore, can expect a whole new experience while playing “Galactic Civilizations III.” Stardock also included tons of bug fixes in the game, which will give a much smoother gameplay to everyone.

Changes in the v2.5 update

One of the main highlights in the v2.5 update is the improved UI. This will make the game much easier to understand, especially for beginners.

It will also help everyone navigate much faster. The update also shortens most of the waiting time for every turn. Stardock also included an overall balancing in the game. It is known that “Galactic Civilizations III” offers a very complicated population system, as well as weak ship components. Due to this, the game's community requested changes in the game's overall balancing.

The latest update also improves the title's engine. Due to this, players can expect a much better framerate and visualizations while playing “Galactic Civilizations III.” Players can also expect huge economic changes in the game, as the update allows players to acquire galactic resources in the base game. The update also improves almost every AIs in the game, making it more challenging.

Bug fixes in the v2.5 update

Aside from the massive changes in the game, Stardock also included tons of bug fixes in the v2.5 update. First is the issue about the exploitable blind spot, which most players use to dominate most of their battles. Random lags and freezes in the game, which is caused by the data compiler are also fixed.

The crash where players try to move while using a null pointer is also included in the fix.

The AIs that are not sending colony ships are also fixed. The GWG bug that is causing the game administrators to disappear is also fixed. The update also fixed the bug where some AIs can deploy multiple starbases even if they only have one administrator.

The Report button in the game that does not send the player to the faction report screen is also included in the fix. The update also included tons of bug fixes in the combat system of the game, as well as its Administrator features. The issue where players can buy mercenaries even if they are out of credits is also included in the fix.