The game developers at Square Enix have recently revealed that “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT” will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive for now. They also assured that the game will look great on the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Developers confirm their decision

Recently at Gamescom in Cologne, game producer Ichiro Hazama and director Takeo Kujiraoka were interviewed about their upcoming fighting game. They were asked if they were considering on making other versions of the game on other platforms as well since it was exclusive to the PS4.

The producer answered that their game development team is not thinking of porting their video game to other platforms at this time.

Their reason was to make their relationship with Sony Interactive Entertainment perfect first before they will consider more ports in other platforms.

Upcoming PS4 exclusive to have Pro treatment

The game director also confirmed that “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT” will have the Ps4 Pro treatment. This meant that it will have big improvements if it is played on that console. He did confirm that it will run at 60 frames-per-second or FPS on both the PS4 and the PS4 Pro.

The first version of the game was actually played in the arcade, but the hardware it used was different from the ordinary ones. It ran on the PS4 technology and that made it unique in a way. It became successful and now it will be coming next year on the Sony consoles.

‘YS VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA’ PC version delayed

In other news, game company NIS America revealed that the PC version of “Ys Viii: Lacrimosa of DANA” will be delayed, unfortunately. It was supposed to be released together with its console versions on PS4 and PS Vita on Sept. 12.

The game development team revealed that they encountered some problems along the way in porting it to the PC.

This huge setback forced them to delay the PC version to an indefinite date. They want to improve the gameplay quality first before they can confidently release it.

Steam account owners who pre-purchased “YS VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA” on that platform can get a refund if they want to. They also directed the other players who pre-ordered the PC version outside of Steam to contact their refund support right away.

The NISA development team apologized to their fans and promised that the final release version will be better. They just wanted their fans to enjoy a high-quality game. They also promised that they will announce the final release date for the PC version when it is ready.

Check out the "YS VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA" trailer here: