The most talked about glitch in “Pokemon Go” dubbed the Last Ball Glitch has apparently been fixed. Several reports from players of the augmented reality game surfaced recently saying that they no longer experience the glitch. In other words, players can now catch Raid Bosses using their final Premier Ball.

Last Ball Glitch

When Niantic Labs first introduced the Battle Raids in “Pokemon Go,” several players observed that they were having a hard time catching the Raid Boss on the last throw. It appeared that many players did not agree with the initial reports, as they were still able to capture the Raid Bosses.

However, the debate over the glitch picked up steam last month.

A player shared a video of their failed attempt to catch a Magikarp Raid Boss. Interestingly, they used a 99.8 percent catch rate on the throw along with other bonuses. Eventually, the game developer acknowledged the existence of Last Ball Glitch.

Niantic Labs added an extra Premier Ball to Raids. The purpose is to give players the extra opportunity to catch the Raid Boss should their last throw fail. The move was to temporarily provide a solution to the pressing issue as players are becoming active in the Battle raids in the game. Aside from this, the game developer introduced the Legendary Birds to the game at that time and not doing anything to address the issue would have just driven the players away from playing in the raids.

Getting it fixed

With the recent report from the players, it appears that Niantic Labs is quietly making several server side changes to the popular augmented reality game. Most likely, the developer is preparing something for the heavily speculated upcoming massive update for the game. Aside from the alleged fix in the Last Ball Glitch in the game, another bug appears to be fixed too.

Players also reported that the bug that disallowed players getting items from the Gyms while using their “PG” Plus is now fixed. Niantic Labs has not yet released any statement about the recent fix observed by the players. With the Last Ball Glitch already addressed, the number of Premier Balls that the players are getting will most likely drop by one.

Currently, the extra Premier Balls that Niantic Labs is giving out is still available.

Legendary Birds

Meanwhile, the Legendary Birds Articuno, Lugia, Moltres, and Zapdos are leaving “Pokemon Go” on August 31. Players are waiting for the game developer to announce the arrival of the Legendary pocket monster Mewtwo. Its coming to the game will also mark the start of the Exclusive Raids designed for the powerful Legendary creature.