Mobile games likeclash royale are taking their platform to another level as it keeps on gaining new players every month. Who says games are for the geeks? Right now, everyone seems to be playing a game or two, using a computer or on mobile.

“Clash Royale” fans should celebrate what the game has become. Before, players usually did not get the same cards as their opponent, and having that one special card may require more games or online purchases. Now, it is possible to mix and match your ideal deck using the Deck Builder. It also provides helpful data that anyone can use.

‘Clash Royale’ users celebrate the latest update

One page also shows the “Highest Rated Clash Royale Decks” featuring one set of eight cards that are absolutely rare. Five of these were seen in none of the last 50 competitive decks (Electro Wizard, Goblin Gang, Inferno Dragon etc.). Anyone who visits the ”Clash Royale” Deck Builder page may also create a counter and an inventory.

Players can enter their cards and build a deck for themselves with the help of the game’s system. They can even proceed to the strategy section to get a glimpse of what works best when they are already playing.

New 'Clash Royale' features added in the phenomenal game

To make the game fair when it comes to card accumulation, a new Mirror Match mode may be coming this October.

Although it is still a rumor that started on ”Clash Royale” Reddit, the idea is surely interesting. If everyone is receiving the same cards and the same shuffle, then a lot of rare cards may improve its visibility. This is just another reason for the gamers to enjoy the latest updates in the game.

If the new mode is really on its way next month, then it just means that players will not rely on luck but on skill.

It will provide a level playing field where players can improve their wins through new strategies and previous experience.

Supercell did promise to improve the game by adding more features every update, benefiting the players. But the conversation post on Reddit by SMWHackedHACK, does not confirm anything final yet. Still, it made a lot of avid players, nesting on Reddit, think that this may be the beginning of a fair game as it says, “both players get the exact same random deck with the exact same deck rotation.”

The cards are either difficult to find or expensive, and a new mode may make it less difficult. But if there are other ”Clash Royale” updates, what would be the most beneficial?