League of Legends is slowly making their way to this year’s PBE. LoL’s September 22 Gameplay thoughts revealed updates for Urgot’s damage reflection and the arrival of new runes.

Finally, “League of Legends” 7.20 will improve Urgot’s damage reflection. The champion’s abilities are already quite stunning. Still, Riot Games preferred to fix him for the better. Urgot’s W allows players to use his abilities to cause a lot of damage to his enemies. But when a Bramble Vest is converted into a Thornmail, it becomes a different story. Instead of using the vest to his advantage, it becomes the death of him (same with Rammus’ W).

‘League of Legends’ gets improved

According to the post, in 7.20, “Bramble Vest, Thornmail, Rammus W and any other possible damage reflect sources won’t excessively murder him after he pushes that button.” We can expect that by the time the next update is completed, more and more players will value Urgot.

There were some features in 7.19 that also required more attention. Riot plans to monitor the previous big changes with Azir, Caitlyn and as they deserve follow-up work. Then there are the new changes meant for the pre-season.

Summoner spells will be adjusted to benefit the upcoming players too. Leaving Ghost and Heal for them to use, there will be fewer spells on Level 1. This will ensure that new players will have a better experience compared to those that came before them.

Pre-recorded game available for testing

On Monday, the developers behind “League of Legends” will use a pre-recorded game from their internal playtest for streaming. The pre-recorded game will feature the movement of new and previous runes. Details about these new runes were not entirely revealed, but Riot suggests players give it a look before proceeding to its implementation on PBE.

The streaming will involve a lot of information about the previous runes, which will be beneficial for those who have not exactly familiarized themselves with it. 60 runes are expected to replace the current ones and most of them were not even unveiled before.

Unfortunately, only a few can access LoL’s PBE. This is why Riot Games will release an interactive site (as previously reported) so that other players can gain access to the newest information.

This way, nobody will be left out.

“League of Legends” developers are quite busy reworking some of their champions (Evelynn). Make sure you don’t miss any of these updates for a better gaming experience.