It looks like the die-hard fans of the popular real-time tower rush mobile gameclash royale are in for a big treat this October. Supercell announced that a huge update is coming next month with a game-changing mode and other new additions.

October 2017 update underway

Via the game’s Reddit AMA, the acclaimed game developer previewed what the players can expect from a big update that will go live in the game sometime in October. It further revealed that the game will be receiving an addition of a new game mode, quests, and what is mysteriously referred to as “something casual.”

New game mode

According to the latest announcement from Supercell, the game will introduce a new game mode that is quite different from the other modes launched in the past.

It added to tease that it is the favorite 2v2 mode of the game team at the studio.

This clue suggests that it is definitely a mode based on 2v2, however, it does not mean something like a ranked play is set to arrive in the game.

Two new cards

Fans will also receive the last two of the four cards scheduled for release in "Clash Royale." The third legendary card is coming around late September and the final one in October. The first two cards, Mega Knight and Canon, are available now in the game.

So far, there has been no clue about the upcoming new card after the addition of Mega Knight last month. Supercell said that it has not made a decision yet as to what card to introduce next but it teased that the studio is toying with the idea of ghost once again.

New arena

Moreover, the team also confirmed that it is currently working on a new arena that might make it to the next update. This will also include an improvement of intro screen for the game.

So, it appears that there are lots of changes in store for the fans who want to adjust their pace in the incoming October update.

Casual alternatives to ranked 1v1 mode

In addition, the game developer mentioned that it is preparing some additional casual alternatives to ranked 1v1 in this next update. However, fans cannot expect to hear anything about the unranked 1v1 mode just yet.

Apparently, the team came up with the 2v2 mode so as to give the gamers a much-needed break from stiff performance pressure brought by the 1v1 competitive ranked mode.

“Clash Royale” is a real-time multiplayer video game featuring the Royales and fan characters from another Supercell franchise “Clash of Clans.” It’s a freemium mobile strategy game developed for iOS and Android devices in March 2016.