Capcom is back making headlines once again with the new announcement of additional content for its popular horror survival title. “Resident Evil 7” will soon have a new expansion dubbed as “End of Zoe.” The upcoming DLC will be released alongside the game’s Gold Edition and will arrive in North America on December 12, 2017. The latest game edition will be packed with all the content that was released after the game was officially launched.

Upcoming DLC

The next content for “Resident Evil 7” will star Zoe Baker. It will follow the “Not A HeroDLC that features Chris Redfield.

Contrasting Redfield’s free expansion, End of Zoe will be a separate purchase. However, for players with Season Pass, the downloadable content will be available for free at no additional cost. It appears that Capcom has learned from the previous criticisms about their DLC practices, thus making the latest arrangement for Season Pass holders.

It can be purchased separately for $14.99. Capcom has not yet revealed much detail about the upcoming content except that it will take place after the events in the base game. According to the game publisher, the DLC will be a terrifying installment that will feature the fate of Zoe Baker. It will also introduce new enemies and a new area filled with swamps.

The content is set in the swampy area of Louisiana. The upcoming installment is expected to feature the terrifying areas that players will explore. In the game, Zoe is a member of the Baker family frightens the main character, Ethan. She helps the character throughout the game but her story at the end of the horror survival game was left unclear.

Not a Hero

Meanwhile, Chris Redfield will star in the free content titled, “Not a Hero.” The expansion was first teased in the post-game credits of the base game. The content will take place after the events in the base game and will send Cris discovering the hollows beneath the Baker mansion. It will be released on December 12 and included in the game’s Gold Edition.

As compared to other expansion, “Not a Hero” is expected to have more action in relation to Chris Redfield’s background in fighting monsters. The DLC is expected to introduce a new type of enemy. However, details about this are not yet available.

The “Resident Evil 7” Gold Edition previously announced for Japan will also arrive in North America on December 12. It will have all the post-release contents including the “Not a Hero” and the “End of Zoe” DLC. You can check out the latest trailer for the game’s latest edition below.