Studio Wildcard has just announced another double whammy Event for "ARK: Survival Evolved." Players can double up again with pretty much everything they do within the beast laden survival game.

Another double whammy event

The game developer posted the announcement on the game's website and on Twitter regarding the"ARK's" Evolution Event++. Per the post, the double-up gameplay officially kicked off on the 15th and will go until the 18th at 12 p.m. ET. For the uninitiated, the event will be available across all major game platforms and will double EXP, mating intervals, and taming/harvesting rates.

Prior to this, Wildcard rolled out the same event last weekend through the 11th.

Patch version 269 (Steam/PC)

Meanwhile, the developer also released "ARK's" patch notes for both PC and PlayStation 4 platforms. Both updates have brought in tweaks and bug fixes for a much smoother gameplay.

The new PC update (version 269) was heavily focused on bug fixes. One of them is a workaround for a "major networking change" to finally sort out client disconnections whenever structures are destroyed within the game.

Patch version 269 also fixed numerous glitches with "ARK's" recently added Phoenix. The update resolved the flaming avian's ability to alight dinosaurs from far distances. It also gave a workaround to an issue where the bird is not making any damage to wild targets in PvE and another fix on its taming process while the creature is not using its Superheat ability.

Another upcoming patch is something to look forward to. Update version 270 will be adding some new items within "ARK" alongside some expected fixes. The patch is said to fix some concerns within the game's TrueSky memory usage and another set of tweaks for the "Ragnarok" expansion.

The soon to be released patch is believed to be rolled out alongside the "Aberration" DLC that is expected to drop sometime in October.

It was also noted that a couple of new items will be included in the update which are the TEK Sword and the TEK Shield. For the complete roster of these updates, one can check on "ARK's" website.

Patch version 515 (PlayStation 4)

As for "ARK's" PS4 update (ver. 515), only a handful was tweaked for this version which includes the Ice Wyvern's model, a PGM Generation cancellation option, and some workarounds with both the Otter and the Phoenix. Check out a video about "ARK: Survival Evolved" here: