SEGA of America senior PR manager Jacob Nahin recently announced that “Yakuza 6: Song of Life” will have an online mini-game. This will be called the Yakuza Clan Creator.

Clan Creator to be online

Players will be able to pit their favorite characters with main protagonist Kiryu against other players online with this new mini-game. The hero will be the leader of this clan, and the players will be the ones to get and train his members to be better fighters against their opponents. This mini-game will play like a real-time strategy game.

Different objectives to accomplish

Players will be able to mix and match their favorite characters in this minigame and let them fight with other players. They will have to take on some objectives in the map of the Kamarucho map. They will also have to fight the enemy leaders to clear an area and take it over.

AI to control the characters in game

Players will not have to control every single character that they upload in this mini-game. The AI will be controlling the rest of them while the players will control Kiryu. They will go through the streets and find fights to gain experiences, items, and more.

Level up leaders with experience points

During the many fights the players will get into the minigame in “Yakuza 6: Song of Life,” they will gain experience points after each win.

They can use these points to train the leaders they get through different means like free PSN codes and more. The developer team also promised that they would include Japanese Pro Wrestlers into the mix since a lot of the fans like Japanese Pro Wrestling.

Characters will have different skills

Players will be able to handle various types of characters, and they have different rankings.

These characters will be ranked as Common, Rare, and Super Rare ones. Through real-time strategy methods, players will have to manage their Yakuza teams during the mini-game battles.

Each of these leaders with different ranks will have their own unique skills that will significantly affect the fights. There will be leaders that will have healing skills, while others could strengthen their team and make them deal bigger damage with buffs.

Events available after launch

After launching of "Yakuza 6: Song of Life," the game developers are planning different types of events. These events will make the mini-game interesting to play and let players play the mini-game longer.

With the new blogs the game developers have released, players are advised to check it out more clearly. They teased that they will be sneaking in some in-game codes from now on until the launch date. It will be in a 16-character count, and it will be somewhere on the blog or in a clever phrase.

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