Studio Wildcard’s popular action-survival title, “Ark: Survival Evolved,” is capable of cross-platform play. The information was recently confirmed by the game’s co-creative director. However, it appears that, for now, the feature will not be available, as it is not allowed.

Cross-platform play

On his official Twitter account, Studio Wildcard’s co-creative director Jeremy Stieglitz confirmed this information. Stieglitz was initially explaining something related to a host running on Xbox One X. A fan raised a question about the possibility of cross-playing the game with Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Stieglitz confirmed that the action survival title works fine with Cross-play internally. However, the game director noted that the feature will not go live because Sony will not allow it. The game developer is currently looking into enabling cross-play between Xbox and Windows 10 version of the game. The feature is expected to be enabled along with the release of the Xbox One X and “Ark: Survival Evolved.” The game will be launched as part of the Xbox Play Anywhere title in November 2017.

While the cross-play plan for Xbox and Windows 10 is still vague, the cross-play support for PlayStation 4 appears to be not happening at all.

The latest statement from Studio Wildcard is a reflection of other studios also working on with cross-platform play. Among this includes Psyonix popular for their title “Rocket League.” It appears that the Japanese gaming giant is not interested in implementing console cross-play.

Granting that Sony will give in to the cross-play enabling of Studio Wildcard’s Action-survival title, it is still not possible in the current timeframe.

The gaming studio has entered into an exclusive contract with Microsoft. The agreement most likely does not include covering PlayStation 4.

Release details

Ark: Survival Evolved” is now available on PlayStation 4, Pc, and Xbox One through Early Access. The game will be officially released on August 29. The developer also announced recently that the much-awaited Ragnarok Mod for consoles will arrive along with the game’s official release.

The long-awaited release of this mod on the console has been postponed and delayed several times. Fans are hoping that they can get their hands on the mod along with the full game release. For those who are interested in the action-survival title from Studio Wildcard, it is now available for $59.99 from its previous price of $29.99.