Studio Wildcard's dinosaur packed survival game "ARK: Survival Evolved" finally went out and the response among the fandom has been overwhelming. However, its launch date went off to a pretty bad start as the game's available official Servers were easily filled up that resulted in a ton of player complaints.

We need more servers

The "ARK" player base is very much acquainted with the last-minute decision of Wildcard to delete underperforming servers and launched new server clusters for the game's release. However, these official servers for the title's Scorched Earth, Island Center, and Ragnarok maps were immediately met with glitches that were promptly resolved by the developer.

As soon as these issues were fixed, another problem surfaced as both new and tenured players from the game's early access have flooded these servers making it all choked up. Gaming pundits also believe that Wildcard's move to deem old servers as legacy servers may well seem to have contributed to the full version of the game getting jam-packed.

At the time of writing, it looks like Wildcard has not provided a workaround for their congested servers as most of them are still filled up. PC players had to constantly refresh the game's server list hoping that there's a vacant spot in one of them. For noobs to the game, Wildcard has yet to devise a queue system for their PC faithfuls.

Glitches galore

Other inconveniences that were experienced by players include the inaccessibility of OBs and supply drops while transferring their game progress to official servers, tame and raise time issues and the dreaded blue screen of death. PS4 players also had some fair share of glitches as they are experiencing crashes whenever they attempt to enter the game.

Wildcard's response

Wildcard issued a statement upon learning these and assured its players that more servers are on the way "across all platforms." The developer also pointed out that PS4 players can prevent themselves from crashing by heading on to their console's system storage and deleting the "ARK's" configuration file.

They also made it clear that this temporary fix will not delete their game files and went on stating that a "quick-cert patch" will be rolled out to solve the problem finally.

Meanwhile, the game maker also announced that there would be a couple more downloadable contents to dropped in the coming months. It was announced that the first DLC would be released later this year, while the second expansion will be out sometime next year.

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