After a couple of years dwelling within Steam's early access realm, Studio Wildcard has finally released their dinosaur laden survival game - "Ark Survival Evolved." In celebration of the game's full version, the developer has chipped in some brand new content including the Ragnarok game expansion and even a final boss.

What's in the box

"ARK's" complete game came out with a new storyline, end game content, and creatures. The otter - Lutra Peloso and the Phoenix were also part of the title's new content as these were already teased in the game's launch trailer.

A day prior to its release, "ARK's" official website has posted a newsletter giving players a heads up on what to expect from the game. Dubbed as "Day Zero," the post focused heavily on its game servers as they have announced early on that underpopulated servers will be deleted from its roster.

The developer also assured its player base that they plan on adding new official servers for "ARK's" Vanilla, Primitive+, Hardcore, Isolated Clusters, No Taming, ORP, Non-TEK and Extinction game modes. It also pointed out that they will prioritize both of Vanilla's PvP and PvE modes including some "niche servers" that might grow in numbers "depending on players' demand."

Legacy save files

Meanwhile, the legacy saves files for PlayStation 4 and PC will be up and running later in the week.

Wildcard added that the save files for the PS4 are expected to arrive alongside "ARK's" official release and will be hosted by Nitrado. Xbox save files, on the other hand, will be bogged down for a bit as the developer is just waiting for its rentable servers to become available probably next month.

All eyes on Sony now

In other "ARK" news, cross-play has been one of the hot topics among the game's fandom as they have been longing for it since its fruition.

Wildcard stated that they already thought of it and had the technology running within their premises. They even boasted that it can be fully operational in a few days provided that it will not be met by any problems along the way. However, due to Sony's policy concerns, the idea was shelved for the meantime.

More to come

The full version of "ARK: Survival Evolved" is now available over on Steam alongside a Season Pass at $45.

Fans who'll avail of this will be getting the "Scorched Earth" segment including a couple more downloadable contents that will be available this year and in 2018. Check out a video about the game here: