Rockstar Games' upcoming western action-adventure video game dubbed, "Red Dead Redemption 2" is one of 2017's most anticipated titles. But much to the chagrin of avid gamers, concrete details about "RDR2" are still hard to come by amidst its delayed release speculations.

When is it arriving?

Last month, the game developer confirmed a delayed release for the long awaited "RDR2," pushing its originally scheduled launch date from Holiday 2017 to "spring of 2018." The studio attributed the delay to its efforts to ensure "RDR" fans get the best experience possible.

Rockstar shed more light on their decision via a blog post on its official website.

"Red Dead Redemption 2" will be the studio's first game made from square one for the current generation of console hardware and for this, some extra time will be needed to ensure it offers the best possible experience for "Red Dead Redemption" loyalists, according to the blog post.

Rockstar also stated that it will only be releasing the game when it is ready and confirmed that more details about the game will be revealed this summer. There's also word floating around that one of the reasons behind the unexpected delay could be Rockstar's plan to bring in cross-platform multiplayer for PS4 and Xbox One players.

Lining with this, cited multiple sources that suggest Rockstar has been in pursuance of cross-platform multiplayer across PS4 and Xbox One versions of the upcoming video game.

This piece of information was revealed to the publication in back in May by a "reputable inside source" at Rockstar Games that has revealed accurate information to the website regarding the timing of the game announcements in the past.

What to expect?

"RDR" fans must bear in mind that these are mere speculations right now and take these reports with a huge grain of salt.

Besides, there's lack of hard evidence to back up the information, meaning, there's a possibility that these speculations might not even come to fruition. Interestingly, Rockstar has neither confirmed nor denied them until now.

Meanwhile, Sony has already informed Eurogamer that cross-platform play is highly unlikely to ever come to PS4, attributing their decision to commercial factors.

Apparently, the only place where crossplay seems to be inalienable is between Xbox One and the Big N's latest console i.e. Switch, as games including "Minecraft" and "Rocket League" both adopting the feature in the past few months.

In the case that "Red Dead Redemption 2" eventually lands on PC, there's a possibility that cross-play between PC and Xbox players may turn out true.