No Man’s Sky” has finally received a nod from game critics and fans with the recent release of Update 1.3 titled “Atlas Rises.” Because of this, Hello Games founder Sean Murray and his team redeemed their reputation and they have now earned their rightful place in the gaming industry.

This redemption can also spell some good things coming the team’s way, perhaps a brand new project? That’s right. But whether it is another “No Man’s Sky” title or even a completely new IP remains a mystery at this time.

More importantly, however, is that the studio is looking at an expansion right now, specifically in terms of its team size.

Hello Games is hiring

The company is apparently hiring additional artists to join the super team. In a recent job listing on its official website, the developer posted its need for more artistic people to be involved with its current games and future projects.

The job listing refers to the company as “pretty awesome.” As for the job description, it said that candidates must “make fun games, drink tea, win awards,” and jokingly added, “talk nonsense.” It also assured that the new hires will have total creative freedom if they want it.

The job ad further reads, “We are looking to grow our art team and want to hear from you if you love games and are up for the challenge of being part of a team that produces some really exciting work.

Job Qualifications

The job post also outlined the qualifications they look for from artists who aspire to land the position. They must be talented, with a portfolio of cool experiences related to working on video games.

Moreover, the studio welcomes those who are searching for new skies to spread their wings and continue to develop their skills.Talented sketchers who might be inexperienced in the gaming industry can try their luck too.

Mystery project

It is noted that the tweet features an image of NMS, which indicates the job listing for artists.

However, the game is not mentioned anywhere in the post on the official career site of Hello Games.

So, whether the hiring has something to do with the current title or it is something else entirely is anyone's guess at this point. But whichever it is, it is awesome to know that there is something in the works for Hello Games.

Back in the day, these guys started as a small team of an indie game developer and then grew the number of people in the organization to 10. But they shared the same vision, putting all their fiery passion and hard work on the indie space title.

Although "No Man’s Sky” saw a rough patch at launch for “overhyping” the gaming community, it slowly proved to be quite a great game a year after its release. The fans will be thrilled to find out what this mystery project could really be.