Yesterday, Microsoft held their E3 2017 press conference and fully revealed their new console. They also gave out details on a lot of games, including a number of exclusives. Lastly, they made a surprising announcement regarding an improvement to their popular backwards compatibility feature.

Details on the Xbox One X

Microsoft opening their press conference with details on Project Scorpio, announcing that its official name is the Xbox One X. The specs matched what was reported by Digital Foundry in their exclusive preview from a few months ago.

It will also have 7 billion transistors, liquid cooling and is the smallest console Microsoft has ever created. At the very end of the press conference, Microsoft dropped more bombshells about this powerful console.

It will retroactively enhance Xbox One games that are already out to receive 4k patches so that they are at their full glory on the One X. There are already 35 games set to receive these patches like 'Witcher 3' and 'Resident Evil 7.' More importantly the price of the console was revealed, it will cost $500 dollars, the same price as the Xbox One did at launch. The Xbox One X will also be launching this November 7th.

All the exclusive Games

Following they're showing of the new Xbox One X, Microsoft announced that they would be showing 47 games, with 22 of them being exclusive to the console.

They kicked things off with their biggest exclusive franchise with a new game, Forza Motorsport 7. Then they showed off more exclusive games that many have been anticipating like 'Crackdown', 'Seat of Thieves', 'Cuphead' and 'State of Decay 2.'

They also announced a sequel to an exclusive with 'Ori and the Will of Wisps' and showed more off exclusive survival RPG 'Ashen'.

Microsoft also showed a number of exclusive games that are part of the Xbox ID program like 'Conan Exiles', 'Hello Neighbor' and 'Fable Fortune' among others. There are also PC games going exclusively to the Xbox like 'Battlegrounds' and 'Black Desert Online'.

A blast from the past

Towards the end of the Microsoft's press conference head of Xbox Phil Spencer was touting the fact that there are 385 Xbox 360 games that are now backwards compatible on the Xbox One.

He then revealed that after hearing fan feedback, that Original Xbox games would playable on the system later this year. The first confirmed game for the program is 2003's Crimson Skies, a popular action flight games published by Microsoft.

Later in the day Microsoft's Albert Penello confirmed some more details via Twitter. He said that Original Xbox disks would be playable on the One and that digital licenses from any Original Xbox games purchased on the 360 would carry over too. Lastly, it was confirmed that system-link play would be available across the all three generations of console.