Xcom 2” is the sequel of one of the best strategy game franchises of all time: “XCOM.” This new sequel has new features, new aliens, new weapons, and more, which is why players should be prepared before heading into the fray. Here are some beginner Tips And Tricks to follow to be prepared for the upcoming add on, “XCOM 2: War of the Chosen.”

Choose only the best for now

Like in the first video game, this one allows the players to recruit different kinds of newbie soldiers from different parts of the world. While these soldiers have their own perks and skills, it is important to train only a few of them until they maximize their levels.

These units will be the ones to handle difficult missions when needed and accompany the fresh recruits for getting experience in easier missions.

Do not be shy of choosing the easier difficulties

Several players of this video game tend to choose the higher difficulty levels and most of the time it backfires on them. The Ironman mode especially makes it more difficult for players to move on to other stages of the game because it wipes out a lot of teams until there is no one to recruit anymore. Choosing the easier difficulties would be the better choice to let you get the hang of it.

Always level up equipment

The most important thing to do in “XCOM 2” first and foremost is to upgrade the equipment of your soldiers right away.

Weapons would be the first choice because with higher damage, that would mean enemies would die faster. Next would be upgrading the armor for higher defense and survival rate.

Bring at least one medic specialist

In every mission, players should have at least one medic specialist that has high mobility. This will be the only one with the high probability of reviving unconscious soldiers and heal the wounded.

He will also need the best equipment in order to survive attacks from the enemy.

Use grenades on groups most of the time

Most of the time in “XCOM 2,” players would open up with throwing grenades at enemies before they get discovered. This is a great tactic for enemies that are in groups but not for individual low level enemies standing guard.

Use grenades on individual enemies only if they have higher defenses, high evasion rate, a mini boss, or as an emergency measure.

Post units on advantage points

Each soldier will have special classes that can monopolize certain positions in the battlefield and can give them additional bonuses. Sharpshooters are best to be on higher positions where they can see most of the ground. Rangers and grenadiers are best on the ground where they can easily gain access to enemies whether on mid-range or close range quarters.

Specialists that have recovery skills must be behind the grenadiers for extra defenses and also have easy access to the other members of the squad. The tech specialist can go wherever they want as long as they have good cover. They can hack into doors, guard posts, and robotic enemies when needed and shock them too.

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