It looks like Rockstar Games is returning to its past for the next expansion to its cash cow, "GTA Online." Dubbed the Smuggler's Run, the upcoming expansion involves moving around inventory for the overly suspicious Nervous Ron by various modes of transportation including land and air.

Transform Races headed to 'GTA Online'

Aside from announcing the next major expansion for "GTA V," Rockstar Games gave avid gamers a brief glimpse of some of the other upcoming content for "GTA Online," that is slated to roll out over the rest of the year.

The content comes with a never-before-seen race that comprises a significant feature of "The Crew 2," an upcoming racing video game from Ubisoft.

As Gamespot reports, Transform Races will be the next mode coming to Rockstar's hit open-world online multiplayer video game.

Transform Races are just one of the many features headed to "GTA Online" at some point during the fall. Rockstar Games guarantees four-wheeled vehicles, customizable aircraft, and Adversary modes, but that's not all.

"Grand Theft Auto" loyalists can also look forward to holiday events for Halloween and a myriad of other holidays in December. That all follows the upcoming Smuggler's Run update.

What to expect?

Aside from providing new business opportunities, Smuggler's Run introduces an array of jaw-dropping choppers, planes, and ultralights as usable modes of transporting consignments across the state, while figuring out some ingenious ways of taking on rival gangs at the same time, according to a blog post on the Rockstar Newswire.

Scheduled to roll out on Tuesday, August 29, the upcoming expansion will radically overhaul the way races work. Cleverly placed checkpoints will modify your vehicle style to match the section of the road ahead, spawning dynamic racing with perpetually changing challenges to get your hands on the checkered flag, the blog post added.

In addition to that, "GTA" fans can look forward to new game modes/expansions, holiday themed events, and cars just to name a few.

Before launching "GTA 3," Rockstar did not shy away from doing strange stuff and had developed several (now defunct) series. Smuggler's Run was one of them.

According to a report from Engadget, "Grand Theft Auto" loyalists should bear in mind that this expansion does not mark the series' return. The last game was released back in 2002 on the Gamecube, and Rockstar has its hands full with "Red Dead Redemption 2."