Microsoft's Xbox One backwards compatibility list continues to grow with the addition of three games from Telltale mainly "The Walking Dead," "The Walking Dead: Season 2," and "The Walking Dead: Michonne." Clementine's adventure in the zombie apocalypse continues with the magical new frontier called Clem. Enjoy some of the new protagonists in the game as well as experience the Michonne departure.

Previous backwards compatible titles

"The Walking Dead" trilogy is just one of the many trilogies added to the backwards compatibility feature. Over the past months, Microsoft added the BioShock Trilogy, Mass Effect Trilogy, and the Call of Duty series to the feature.

In 2016, one of the most anticipated titles arrived on the feature; the "Red Dead Redemption," followed by a series of triple A games on the list.

How to install and play Xbox 360 games on XBox One

There are two ways you can get a copy of the Xbox One backwards compatibility games. First, the disc-based games are readily available and should be inserted into the console in order to download it. It will be saved on the platform's storage but like any other physical copy, you need to keep the disc inside in order to continue playing the game.

The digital copies, on the other hand, will automatically appear on the Xbox One store under the "Ready to Install" drop-down. For players who previously owned the games, there's no need to purchase them again and they can be automatically downloaded.

However, for first time owners, the digital copies need to be purchased and manually downloaded to the console in order to play them.

The Xbox One backwards compatibility feature has a history of posting titles on the list before they are ready to be published. Take for example, the case of the "Red Dead Redemption" when it was spotted on the BC feature only to be pulled down when players started downloading the game.

It eventually returned to the feature in July 2016. The issue of the "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2" brought all the memories of a mistaken post when the franchise title made it to the list only to be pulled down; this time the game was not playable.

Microsoft has since apologized for the mistakes saying, they test most Xbox 360 Games for the backward compatible feature, but it does not necessarily mean they will be part of the feature.

Currently, there are over 400 backwards compatible titles on the feature all of them are which entitled to the Xbox One's improved frame rate stability, forced v-sync and variable refresh rate (VRR).