Niantic has done pretty well keeping "Pokemon Go" afloat with their improvements and patches. There have been several companies trying to challenge the augmented reality game but to no avail.

However, Next Games and AMC could have one coming soon in the location-based augmented reality game titled "The Walking Dead: Our World." From the title alone, most should quickly figure out that this is a game scripted after the hit TV series.

Are you up to the challenge of the undead?

The first trailer for the ambitious reality game is now out and doesn’t offer much gameplay.

Similar to "Pokemon Go," "The Walking Dead: Our World" places gamers in the real world to search and play. However, this time it is in the midst of the undead in various locations where the apparent objective is to fend off the impending threat.

As reported by Game Rant, players will have access to a variety of weapons. This includes knives, swords and guns, all available in certain locations. A simple tap and/or swipe across the screen will give players the opportunity to use them, all available either through exploration or probably some microtransactions as well.

Familiar faces included

Players who may end up lost can look forward to some help from the actual characters of the TV show. That includes Daryl, Rick Grimes and Michonne who may, in some instances, help newbie players.

Their appearances remain sketchy for now, meaning they could be appearing only on certain occasions in the game.

As mentioned earlier, the primary objective seems to be killing as many zombies as possible. Similar to "Pokemon Go," it could be an endless game where players can take them on wherever they may be. Rewards for killing these undead creatures have yet to be detailed though it may include tweaks in the player levels.

Most likely, the higher a player level means having better chances against harder zombies.

No release date yet

The teaser trailer for "The Walking Dead: Our World" looks promising though it would help if AMC and Next Games had an actual target release date in mind. Nothing has been announced as of this writing though versions for iOS and Android are already in development.

The eighth season of “Walking Dead” is set to start on Oct.22 so there is a possibility that the game developers may have that as the target date for the game. That should be perfect timing, not to mention an added boost to help the ambitious augmented reality game get off the ground.

Once it does come out, it remains to be seen if it can level with "Pokemon Go." A different kind of objective in battling zombies looks interesting though may come with age restrictions due to gory scenes and the dreadful aura the undead normally carry. Check out the trailer below.