The highly-anticipated Blood Orchid expansion for 'Rainbow Six Siege' is out now on R6's test servers. Blood Orchid built hype when the new map, Theme Park, was announced earlier this month. Located in Hong-Kong, Theme Park is set in a shabby and abandoned amusement park. An area seized by a criminal organization who have altered the layout of the area to fit their criminal needs. The architecture of the creepy amusement park is said to be misleading; players will find themselves scaling wildly different patterns instead of a smooth succession of colors and shapes.

This will not be a regular map and is designed to challenge players with unconventional architecture.

Apart from the new map, the update featured three new operators. The defenders Ela and Lesion, and the attacker, Ying. Lesion and Ying both hail from Hong-Kong's SDU (Special Duties Unit), sometimes referred to as the Flying Tigers. Ela, on the other hand, is a carryover from a previously dropped expansion. The 3.0 update is said to deliver a variety of other changes, improvements, additions, and enhancements to the game that is said to bring more emphasis on realism.


The latest expansion update features four new weapon skins: The Dynasty, Red Silk, White Dragon, and Plinky’s Arcade. All four can be applied to weapons introduced in the game's third season.

The Dynasty is a strong jade skin with markings reminiscent of great Chinese dragons with scales running through the hand guard while the White Dragon skin has a more sophisticated ivory dragon design. Red Silk has more of a feminine touch with cherry blossoms over a red backdrop, and Plinky's Arcade's design pretty much speaks for itself.

Along with the four new weapon skins comes a special Alembic weapon skin that coincides with the introduction of the Polish operator Ela.

Other enhancements

The latest patch will also mark the roll out of new servers for R6 Siege, making it just in time for season 3. The servers will be Ubisoft's answer to fix rubberbanding, connectivity and stability issues, and this will also address teleportation issues experienced by players.

Ubisoft has also reworked its lighting system for the 3.0 patch, and players should no longer experience difficulty when peeking through windows and doorways.

The latest update also includes improved facial rigging, and this means that operators will now have a consistent, smoother facial animation. The Blod Orchid update includes a long list of improvements that enhance R6 Siege's gameplay. The long list is said to improve 'Rainbow Six Siege' overall and will be divided into several categories: game health, player comfort, playlist changes, game balance and overall bug fixes.